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Balancing machine sales and calibration, dynamic balancing training, Vibration Instrument Calibration, and more
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Certification and calibration testing for balancing machines
balancing and vibration instrumentation calibration and repair services
We repair and calibrate older IRD Mechanalysis balancing instruments and analyzers-balancers
used vibration analysis equipment - vibration analyzers - accessories - instrumentation
We sell used balancing equipment - vibration analyzers - balancing machines  - instrumentation
We sell new balancing machines
EasyBalance Dynamic Balancing Instrumentation System is used to upgrade and modernize existing balancing machines
Portable field balancer provides everything required for in-place balancing of virtually all rotating equipment
Our balancing calculator can transform any single-chanel vibration instrument that is capable of measuring vibration and phase into a full-featured, dynamic two-plane balancing system
One and two day Dynamic Balancing Seminars can be conducted at your facility
Dynamic Balancing Training Programs

dynamic balancing training class     hands-on dynamic balancing training

Practical, hands-on training seminars on Dynamic Balancing are taught from all locations. These are one and two day training programs designed for the personnel that actually use the balancing equipment. The basic principles of balancing are included; and we provide a machinery balancing textbook that is based on over 90 years of experience in balancing. The textbook will serve as a valuable reference guide for years to come.

dynamic balancing field training Course content includes:

  • Vibration Fundamentals
  • Balancing Fundamentals
  • Balancing Machines
  • Balancing Instrumentation
  • Field Balancing
  • Shop Balancing
  • Balancing Tolerances

Our dynamic balancing training programs can be made customer specific when they are done for a single company. They will be tailored to your requirements and concentrate on the specific areas of most interest to your company.

More than 16,500 customer personnel have attended our training courses on vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. Additionally, we have spent hundreds of days training customers, on-site at their own facilities, in the use of specific balancing and/or vibration analysis equipment and instrumentation.

These seminars are very cost effective and the fee depends on whether it is for a scheduled course attended by more than one company, or if the course is for one specific company.

Please contact our Houston office for further details and to discuss your specific training needs.

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