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    We provide balancing and vibration instrumentation calibration and repair services
    We specialize in repairing and calibrating older IRD vibration analyzers and analyzer-balancer instrumentation
    Extend the life of your existing dynamic balancing system with our balancing machine instrumentation system
    This portable field balancer provides everything required for in-place balancing of virtually all rotating equipment
    BalancingUSA.com offers a variety of used/reconditioned balancing and vibration analysis instrumentation and accessories for sale
    Used Balancing Machine Instrumentation & Accessories
    Used Vibration Analyzers, Used Balancers

    Balancing USA offers a variety of used balancing and vibration analysis instrumentation and accessories for sale. This includes vibration analyzers, balancing instrumentation, etc. from manufacturers such as IRD, Easy Balance, Rockewell Entek.

    Among the balancing and vibration equipment we regularly have available are:

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    Like new
    Like new

    IRD Model 350 Analyzer/Balancer

    This Model 350 has never been used.  It was most likely purchased for a back up and has been on a shelf its entire life.  We disasembled the 350, checked all the connections and circuit boards to make sure all is well.  The final calibration will be done at the time of sale with a calibration certificate supplied.  If you need a 350 Analyzer/ Balancer this is the one to purchase.  It comes with standard accessories; a strobe light, strobe cable, 544 transducer, transducer cable and power cable.  Price is $1850.00 US  SOLD  

    IRD Model 838 Analyzer

    The IRD Model 838 is an excellent analyzer and it is very difficult to find good used ones.  We have completely rebuilt this 838 and installed new batteries.  It includes an IRD Model 970 Transducer, transducer cable, battery charger and three extra rolls of chart paper.  It will also be supplied with an up to calibration sticker completed at the time of order
    Price is $1920.00 US 


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